Photo Tips:

Ideally Erin can meet and photograph your pet to get to know its personality, but when that is not possible she can work with you to find images to paint from. Here are some tips on how to provide Erin with the perfect photo(s) of your pet:


It is ideal to have a photo that is at eye level to the pet. Most snapshots tend to be taken from above, so be sure to get down on an equal level with your pet. Also important is to have an image(s) showing high detail. The eyes are especially important to have in focus. Please send a variety of photos that best display the personality of the animal.  Lighting is very important when taking a photo, it's best to take your photo outside in natural lighting (avoid strong sunlight/shadows) or if inside then near a window. Avoid using the flash on your camera as it will misrepresent the color of your pets fur.

If your pet has sadly passed away then please send in a good range of photos and we can see if taken together a suitable likeness can be captured.